The current promod release is : Live V2.11Edit

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List of patch notes taken from readme:

LIVE V2.11:

- Soften smoke edges (also known as r_zfeather) is back to being forced off

- Dead chat is no longer automatically handled in public-modes

- Promod will properly force player to reconnect to the server if "vid_restart" was called

- The "You killed..." text's Y-position can be modified in devmap for movie-makers (see below)

- Removed player head-icons from Marines and SAS (stock bug, as opposing teams don't have head-icons)

- Fixed planted/defused/destroyed announcer sounds

- Promod header will inform about the usage of knife round feature

- Specular effect on car-glasses made transparent

- Better overall handling of player status icons

- The bomb-briefcase is no longer visible in timeout or knife-round

- Ability to cancel timeouts by the caller (by calling another timeout)

- Ready-up hud will always display own status (important for shoutcasters)

- Shoutcaster will automatically follow another player when current player dies

- Shoutcasters have ability to spectate another shoutcaster when that shoutcaster is using follow-player-binds

- Full map restart is called when server admin changes game type and issues a fast restart

- Fixed a bug where a player could sprint longer after planting/defusing

- Ragdolls removed because of random behaviour

- Added an option for custom map developers to specify default sunlight (level.sunlight) in map script to correctly set with Promod "stock" sunlight option

- Strattime and knife round in public-modes are now working properly

- Scorebot improvements and fixes, see FAQ for comprehensive documentation

- Different game menu adjustments

- Dvar-monitor will now display both the old and the new value when change is detected

- Before a match starts, a list of dvar changes during ready-up mode is displayed

- Some additions to strictly forced server settings

- Fixed several issues with bomb-drop

- Added training-dummy feature for strat mode, which will only work on listen/local servers with PunkBuster turned off

- Added a record-menu which will popup once a player is ready, this menu can optionally be disabled in the quickmessage menu: B-4-5

- Added a sound notification to the last player to ready-up