Field of view or FOV is very important in any First Person Shooter, field of view is your players viewing area, the larger the viewing area the more you will see on your screen at one time. Most people believe a larger viewing area is best as you see a lot more of your surrounding however this is not always the case, as you are viewing a lot more around you everything you see is a bit smaller, so you need to find the right balance.

In Promod the max field of view you can have is 90 degrees, or 45 degrees any way from your centre point. You need to use console commands to change your field of view and there is only two which effect it.

  • cg_Fov This command lets the user change there field of view in degrees from anything ranging between 65 to 80
  • cg_FovScale This command lets the user change the scale applied to there field of view which was set by "cg_Fov", this can only be 1 or 1.125. cg_FovScale can be set in the Promod Graphics sub menu in the Quick Message window, default [B]. gg

So lets say we set our cg_Fov to max being 80, so our field of view is currently 80 degrees, but we also set our cg_FovScale to 1.125, so our end field of view will be 90 degrees, or 80 x 1.125.

Screenshot ExamplesEdit

Field of View 65 Degrees, Default cg_Fov & cg_FovScaleEdit


Field of View 80 Degrees, cg_Fov 80 & Default cg_FovScaleEdit


Field of View 90 degrees, cg_Fov 80 & cg_FovScal Edit