This is a screenshot of Crash

Call of Duty 4 has many different maps, most of them aren't played within competitive matches. The competive maps, also known as lan maps, are Backlot, Crash, Crossfire, District and Strike. Some public servers also have Vacant in their map rotation.

"Fixing" stock mapsEdit

There are some problems in the stock maps, such as the 'lamp bug' on Backlot and Crossfire. There has always been a great number of people requesting a fix for this bug. This is not possible however. Editing stock maps is not possible because you need a special file that can be used in radiant (= cod4 map editor). These files are not available expect the file for Backlot. So the Backlot bug could theoreticly be fixed but this would mean all players have to download a 20mb+ file to play this map and most of the community doesn't want this.

Edit: The lightbug has been fixed in the promod version 219.

Map Call-OutsEdit

Call-Outs are a very important part of Promod, you need to communicate well with your teammates and knowing where the enemy is can improve your team performance ten fold. Everyone in your team need to understand and know the Call-Outs, some people have different names for the same places, it does not matter as long as your team as a whole is comfortable knowing what places they mean.


Crash Call-Outs


Backlot call


Crossfire call

Sniper glitch


Citystreets call



Strike call