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Haven't been on here in a while as the whole idea died out due to lack of support etc.

JimmyION has done a good job of creating a similar and much larger promod database at

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This wiki project is currently under construction.

The idea is to raise awareness about Call of duty 4:Modern Warfare Promod and provide the community a database where they can search for anything related to Promod .

Help out

I currently have no idea about how well this will do, but at least I have the name reserved and can work on it piece by piece. You can help me by adding pages and editing incorrect information. For example, a page about irc channels such as .wars, .pracc, .academy, .preinvite etc. Or what is vita-nova. Or what strafe jumping is. Even adding a page about individual players. Make sure after you have created a page, you click "Edit" and then "Protect" at the top of the page, so only Admins can edit the page!

If you want to help add pages, contact me and i will give you admin rights.

Xfire: Blazingtheory


Example Page:Wall running

What Else Needs to Be Done:

-Commands So e.g: /cg_fov Explanation of what it does Screenie of it on default Screenie of it on max ' 'FOV Done, Tomme

-VitaNova (Info on it, links to it's site, Admin list maybe)

-Info on individual Channels (E.g. .Preinvite, talk about the application process, also include a link to the current preinvite teamlist found on tek9)



-notable teams(spik311)

-weapon descriptions

-fps differences (125/250 - jump height)

-map tactics (explained why this is fastest way, why people jump at blue when rushing from attack etc)

-Alot more pages need to be done, basicly anything you can think of.

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Edit: Thank you to everybody who has helped add the pages, the community has shown a lot of interest in the wiki and we have done a good job so far, let's keep it up!

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